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July 9, 2009


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To get close...

A Moment of Emotion by tCentric-media   Delicious curves by mehrandj7   Kookie.. by Tala-Hassounah   Yellow core by Lucy-art   :thumb125559085:   Toby No.II by jakubkanera   version curl. by RowennaCox   :thumb35675333:   Fusili Swirls by Stumm47   Into Blue. by assica   :thumb101600143:   This is Camouflage by DrNoPlan   The Slider by Trippy4U   3:13 - Only This Moment by LiiQa   :thumb128133161:   make it bubble by e-claude   Teacup II by TE2YA   Darwin's Chimp by InsaneGelfling   Splash of Yellow by CoWin   Drop of honey by Cookiephotos   blue berry tarte by TE2YA   :thumb50594123:   :thumb116569509:   Natures Fractal by dadian   dribbling by e-claude   :thumb94261470:   Seeing Spots by satril   :thumb128657974:   Race to the Finish by SilentEchoDesigns   The Bubble Blower by Aconitum-Napellus   Next by BohdanIvanyuk   :thumb74618228:   Yellow Smile by oO-Rein-Oo

To capture a moment...

What Love Is -bw by tCentric-media   Wash Up Deer by WildWinyan   Young Beauty -bw by tCentric-media   The Bunt by Trippy4U   Grow With Me by lookslikerein    :thumb124794257:   bald and hairy by michref   photograph by Fussel2112   Power Converter by Parabola-Pop   Happy Birthday, to meee... by Elessar777   StephM 3 resubmit... by lawrencew   Ballerina II.... by HellAngelBaby   ...Like This by q-118   reach by lightandshadow   ALMULA 2 by EquusAhu   A Duet by AlinaKurbiel   benczek by BOsKiKroKodyL   Looking Up by Rameez-K   RED II by balerin   :thumb96796036:   :thumb120704739:   Thor I by LostImages   Say "ahhh" by saudimack      Corona Beach Volleyball 6 by Kicks02   colors by EquusAhu   Apollo 10 by SeaPeny   :thumb125674991:   weeeeee by mario19   Infinite Wisdom by Parabola-Pop   TULLE by EquusAhu   Mona Lisa Artist by oO-Rein-Oo   Infinity by GestianPoet21   peaceful predator by Katakitoka666   Turnpike 2 by balerin   eeeep. by ashbadash123   A touch of spring. by incredi

To take a different perspective...

Skyscrapers by inacom   :thumb127537133:   b l_ by gnato   W by adityapudjo   cheers by pinkblue   :thumb83882363:   A Gymnastic Display by hersley   :thumb119727963:   Palm Tree Love by TeaPhotography   flying faster than light by michref   :thumb126049180:   Baref00t by SimpleMinded5   Monkey See Monkey Do by tracieteephotography   paint your smile, fill holes by chocolatenoir   R e v e l r y by MissSLG   Dimming Daylight by Dreamz-of-Twilight   I See Little People by tracieteephotography   green life + by gnato   :thumb112214887:   :thumb126726120:   Workers in the heights IV by michref   symetry 3 by gnato   Superstition by Johns-Labyrinth   Runners by tanya-n   Solitary Skies by violet-x   dance by darkishtar   :thumb102663342:   :thumb128618271:   W H Y by me-inside515 by Bayho   e r _ w 2889 by gnato   Long Walk to The Alter by tCentric-media   Imposing Power by oO-Rein-Oo   into the happiness by workerboy   :thumb51933014:   Play the music by undoMeds   photographer_01 by nickrizo   Branches in the Sky by Emunator   Stone Sky by michref   Baby Sparrows 2009 by UffdaGreg   Kinchan the Wall by TE2YA   nothing is what it seems by lightandshadow   Hands of the Game IV by Trippy4U   nEVER by scheinbar   welcome to my fantasy by verycre8iv   get me out by senicar

To make simplicity shine...

:thumb89597002:   Highway to the Sun by MrX99   s i l e n t by akuiblis   my childhood revisited by lightandshadow   :thumb38723474:    Carl by TE2YA   :thumb47669989:   I wont sleep tonight by Julie-de-Waroquier      falling, not sinking by Arrissu   Frammenti -Contrasti II- by lciam   Bleeding hearts by allym007      GENEVIEVE by Pelaguya   :thumb26199997:   The Emperor by Deus-est-femina   :thumb118637825:   Acinonyx Jubatus by NicolasEvariste   Demon D'aujoux 3 by EquusAhu      A soft and gentle light by GestianPoet21   M e l o d y III by ZanaSoul   Donkey by itan14   Panorama--Brighton Beach by Yueshi   Invitation to Chase by FramedByNature   : Soccer by m2j   thumb98802340:   :thumb56255287:   Winter Beauty by soulofautumn87   "rituals" by Arrissu   reflection_2 by pinkblue   :thumb119332656:   Peacock by proac150   A  lesson in geometry by Dem-M

Keep inspiring me.
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KDaunt Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
Wonderful collection of work, I'm honored to have been included. There are so many talented artists here on DA. My apologies for not commenting sooner. :)
EquusAhu Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009   Photographer
thank you :heart:
violet-x Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Student
Great and interesting feature,
thanks ever so much for adding mine :aww:
Refielle Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The colours in the photos are so vivid!
twilightcargo Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
thank you so much for the support and the inspiration!
LipCreativeStudio Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2009  Professional Photographer
Great choices!!!! :D
muzelmuh Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2009
W0W! :aww:
t.h.a.n.x. for feature :heart:
LostImages Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009
Thank you so much for the feature, I really appreciate it. You have some incredible features here! :bow:
dreadedhippie Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009  Hobbyist
gorgeous collection! very inspiring :clap: :clap:
assica Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009  Student Photographer
thanks a lot for featuring my work!
I appreciate it very much :heart: :aww: !
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