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Defense by eyenoticed Defense by eyenoticed
So the dragons were beat 41-0 because the other players were too fast for them.

What do you think of the photo?

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Trippy4U Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009
Don't compete with him...learn from him a little than surpass him :lol: He is decent...has been doing it a bit longer than you...but nothing he is doing that you can't do. But make friends with him and join the newspaper as well. We all can learn something from anyone we meet.
eyenoticed Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009  Student Photographer
Don't worry I've made friends with him and am learning from him a ton! He is a very nice guy.
Trippy4U Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009

Forgive my short comment but I have been away for a few days and now have a ton of works to look at from friends like you.

Crop my dear Abby. Crop up from the bottom and definitely crop in from the left losing those people walking there.
eyenoticed Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009  Student Photographer
I kind of thought you would say that. I was going for a "giving more environmental feel" to this and some other photos. I am just still very confused about what makes a good sports photo I guess. It really depends who you're taking them for.

[link] please let me know what you think about some of his specific football and cross country shots because he is who I am competing against.
Trippy4U Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009
It really doesn't matter too much who you are taking them for. For sports, 97% of the time you want tight crops of the action/emotion. This photo gains nothing from this "environmental feel" in fact I feel it hurts it. If there were a ton of people in the stands as a background then I could see your intent but just two walking by distracts...unless this is an editorial statement that you are trying to make that no one is at this game and yet all this action is being played out, then perhaps this version works. Best for now to tightly crop to the meat of the matter. This is what an decent photo editor would do to your pics. As I have suggested to you in the past. Look and study your local sports sections of your newspapers/magazines and those from around the country and see how they are using images. It will help your confusion clear up.

What do you mean by competing against? For the job at your school or some contest somewhere?

I'll check him out and get back to you.
eyenoticed Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009  Student Photographer
Thanks for the feedback. I think I will crop it.

I know that in newspapers around they do tend to crop really tight to action. I just really like other approaches as well but a different approach obviously didn't work for this photo.

I compete against chris for a spot in our school paper. So far every time I've been up against him they've chosen his photo. It might be because of seniority (he's 24 and has worked for the paper longer than me), it might be that they just like him better, it might truly be because his photos are way better than mine. I just truly hope they do look through all the photos and consider everything. It is frustrating the way they pick out photos. They don't just pic the best one but instead go for a variety of people in the photos (for example if they had a sports shot with two people the other should be of the whole team or if one was a portrait another should be a wide angle shot.)

Anyway, thanks again! I will update the photo someday...
Trippy4U Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
Cool. I'm not sure how you are submitting your photos. If you are giving them the whole batch of all that you shot for that game...this may be the reason the editors seem to be showing no interest. No editor wants to sift through tons of images. You have to put on your editor's cap and turn in the best of that assignment. Which should be no more than five. If they want to see more, they'll ask. Here is a trick I used when I was in college to insure I got published when I was a freshman. I took the layout boards (at that time there were actual cardboard layout sheets) and designed a centerfold photo story of something relating to campus news. Sports, protest, dorm life, campus buildings/scenics, behind the scenes look at stage productions...etc. I did the whole two pages which consisted of the headline/story name, text/copy, photo captions, the photos...sized to proportion etc. Then submitted it to the editors...who first off liked the idea of a weekly centerfold photo story and secondly liked that it was already complete and ready to just insert and lastly the photos used were good and on these pages I used no more than seven images. Most times it was five, mixed in with copy I had written and captions for each photo. Captions should not state the obvious they should instead add more to the main copy. For example the caption of a picture of a fan smiling should not say, "So and So is smiling." Instead as a photojournalist you should have gotten the name of the person, their year at school and major. Then the caption could read, "Freshman, Abby, a photography major seems overjoyed after the game winning home run." Self-promotion is fair game. Don't get discouraged...keep knocking on all the doors and most importantly keep growing photographically.
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